Defending champions Auckland defeated by the Canterbury women’s team

Posted by Dave

The major news at this moment is the ongoing Ford National Hockey League or the NHL Hockey and the Canterbury women’s team was the center of attention as they managed what some say, the biggest upset of this year’s tournament.
The Canterbury women’s team defeated their higher ranked opponents, the Auckland women’s team 3 – 2. The women from Canterbury were up against a more celebrated side and they managed two early goals due to the efforts of Rachael McCann and Olivia Merry.
Auckland received a penalty at the seconds half and the opportunity was turned into gold by Honor Carter but Canterbury was quick to return the favor. Sophie Cocks quickly gave Canterbury their two goal lead and the Auckland fans were disheartened once again.
Auckland managed to come out of the shock and score again but Kate Hollywood’s effort could not help her team beat Canterbury. Canterbury is on an unbeaten spree this season and their record is still to be broken.
In other news, the women from Midland received new inspiration with the return of their Olympian teammates and this led to their victory over Capital. Capital were knocked out 4 – 0 and this came as a huge blow in the second half of the game. Clarissa Eshuis and Cat Finlayson were phenomenal and their efforts counted the most for their side.
“We are extremely happy about the victory, but this is not the end as we have a major part of the tournament ahead of us. Getting out Olympians back was a huge morale booster for the women and we hope to continue our journey with victories.” A spokesperson from Midland was quoted as saying.
The Central women’s team won comfortably against Northland, scoring 3 – 0 and North Harbor defeated Southern comfortably, scoring 2 – 1. The Capital men’s team showed great team work to come out of a losing situation to beat Midlands 5 – 3.
Midlands were leading 3 – 2 at half time and their side seemed to be pretty stable in spite of the absence of Tim Deavin, their Olympian Bronze medalist teammate. However, the team could not retain their lead and succumbed to constant pressure from Capital in the second half.
In other men’s NHL hockey news, Joseph Bartholomew of North Harbor, converted two late penalties to defeat Central 2 – 0. Canterbury men’s had an easy bout against Northland and they the side 6 – 1 and Auckland beat Southern 2 – 1.

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